About Kirsche


Hi, I'm Kirsche! I'm a bi transfem enby out in the corn state Ohio who likes video games, furry art, and retro technology. I decided to make a neocities page because I really missed the personal aspect of the internet that was way more prominent when I was younger. While this page does indulge in my nostalgia for ye olde web design it also exists to be essentially a digital whiteboard and/or notebook for whatever I wanna scrawl onto it.

I'm a pretty amatuer artist, primarily dabbling in pixel art but occasionally other mediums too.

I'm quite involved in the Fighting Game Community, you'll catch me lurking around a few discords and hanging with local homies up in Toledo. In particular I'm involved with ACP Puerto Rico, Fraud Krew, FGC Rainbow Edition, and the Ohio FGC communities online.

I bark for werewolves.

Art by Gueszst