My Computers

My gaggle of computers I use

I've got a few computers that I use for different things. Here's the specs in them.


My Main PC

What I use for gaming, browsing, and general tasks

CPU: Intel Core i5-9400 @ 2.9GHz (4.1GHz Turbo)

GPU: ZOTAC Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 8GB


OS: Windows 10 Home

My Laptop

What I use for art and casual web browsing/chatting

CPU: Ryzen 3 3250U w/ Radeon Graphics @ 2.6GHz


OS: Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon

My Retro Desktop

An Wyse Vx0 Thin Client that I use for the retro games that don't quite work right on modern PCs

CPU: VIA c7 CPU @ 800MHz

GPU: CN700 Unichrome Pro, 64MB shared w/ RAM

RAM: 512MB

OS: Windows 98 Second Edition

My Retro Laptop

A Book8088 XT Compatible Notebook that I've been playing with for very early DOS stuff

CPU: NEC V20 @ 4.77MHz (8MHz Turbo)

Graphics: CGA

Audio: YMF262-M OPL3

RAM: 640kb

OS: MS-DOS 6.22 / Windows 3.0